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Patient Prep & MRI Safety

Whether your patient’s visit to Wake Radiology is for a simple chest X-ray or a more complex procedure, we take their comfort and time into consideration. Many studies require little or no patient preparation while others require detailed preparation before the study can be performed.

Our schedulers will inform your patient of the necessary preparations for their particular exam and/or your provider can review them with your patient at the time of scheduling. Two days prior to your patient’s scheduled exam, they will receive a reminder call from Wake Radiology that confirms their appointment time, office location, exam type and any preparations needed. After their exam, a report of our radiologist’s findings will be sent to your physician who will review those findings with the patient.

Patient preparation instructions

Adult Patient Exam Prep (English) Adult Patient Exam Prep (Spanish)
WR Patient-Prep-Spanish-Jan-2014-thumb
Pediatric Exam Prep (English) Pediatric Exam Prep (Spanish)

MRI safety checklist

Wake Radiology understands the power of the MRI magnet and takes extra steps to ensure that patients are safe to enter the scanner. Many items not only interfere with an MRI study, but also can be hazardous to patient safety.  

  • Wake Radiology recommends that referring providers review our MRI safety checklist with their patients. If the answer to any of the questions on the checklist is YES, please call us at 919-782-7666 so we can appropriately schedule the appointment.
  • Patients who have not reviewed the checklist with their referring provider are encouraged to call us directly to review the checklist prior to the exam.
 Provider’s MRI Checklist (English)  Provider’s MRI Checklist (Spanish)
 Patient’s MRI Checklist (English)  Patient’s MRI Checklist (Spanish)

Prior to the appointment, Wake Radiology will also review the checklist with each patient. In some situations, a preliminary X-ray may be necessary to confirm whether or not it is safe to continue with an MRI exam. In these cases, the additional study will not be charged to the patient.

Pacemaker reminder

The Medtronic Revo MRI and Adrisa MRI Pacing Systems are the only pacemakers safe for use in MRI procedures under specified MRI conditions. Please verify the device and leads on your patient’s pacemaker identification card are SureScan Technology. If you are scheduled for an MRI, MRA or MRV exam and don’t have SureScan Technology, call our office at 919-782-7666. No other pacemakers are currently FDA-approved for an MRI examination.

Wake Radiology’s Raleigh MRI office is uniquely equipped to accommodate patients with the Revo MRI SureScan Pacing System. Our MRI radiologists were the first in the Triangle to perform this procedure in an outpatient setting.

Sedation reminder

At Wake Radiology, it’s easy to have a comfortable and anxiety-free experience during an MRI. Our radiologists are uniquely able to provide IV sedation whether schedule upfront or on-the-fly to patients who have concerns, anxiety or claustrophobia. If sedation is required, please ensure that the patient brings a driver to the appointment. Drivers must remain at our facility for the duration of the MRI study.