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ALL Patient Prep Instructions

Exam preps are addressed with patients during the scheduling process, but it’s common for patients to have additional questions. Below is our process for communicating preps with patients and helpful resources.

  1. The patient preparation instructions to the right can be printed and provided to a patient.
  2. At the time of scheduling, our scheduling team will review all exam preparations.
  3. Patients will be given access to the patient portal where the same or additional exam preparation information will be provided.
  4. If there are questions about preps, call 919-232-4700.
MRI Safety Checklist
  • Patients will review our MRI safety checklist multiple times before their procedure.
  • Patients must disclose information about any implantable device or metal that is in or outside their body, like aneurysm clips, pacemakers, cochlear implants, insulin pumps, neurostimulators, any injury to eyes, or metal slivers or shavings.
  • The Biotronik Pro MRI Eluna and Entovis Pacing Systems are the only pacemakers that can be scanned in our outpatient offices. Please verify your patient’s device and the leads on their pacemaker identification card. This ID card must be presented at their appointment.
  • Patients should not wear any metallic substance: jewelry, hair accessories, clothing that includes metal, eye make-up or hairspray.

If a patient is anxious or claustrophobic, our radiologist may administer a relaxing medication to ensure that the exam can be completed. A responsible adult driver is required to be on-site before, during and after the MRI to drive the patient home.

 Provider’s MRI Checklist (English)  Provider’s MRI Checklist (Spanish)
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